ACD Atlas Computing Division Atlas Computing Division and Engineering: 1975-1984

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The PERQ Workstation

SERC's Engineering Board support at the Rutherford Laboratory in the period 1975-1985.

The merger of the Atlas Computer Laboratory with the Rutherford Laboratory in 1975 caused a major reorganisation on the Chilton site. Support for the ICL 1906A and FR80 moved to Rutherford's Computing and Automation Division while the Atlas Computing Division was created with support from the Engineering Board of SRC to provide a national interactive computing facility for research in engineering. The main user population was the UK Universities and some government agencies.

The two computing divisions at Rutherford were merged in 1979 on the retirement of Bill Walkinshaw. Bob Hopgood ran the new Computing Division. Support for engineers continued as a major focus well into the 1980s.

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