Atlas Computer Laboratory, Chilton: 1961-1975

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Site Accessibility

Information on this website provides both accesskey and tabindex attributes on all the main navigational links. The site as a whole is divided into major sections (currently, (ACL, ACD, C&A, INF, CCD, CISD and PHOTOS).

To use the accesskeys from IE press alt and the required key followed by enter. Similarly for Firefox but you don't need to press Enter. For Opera, you need to enable access keys (shift+escape) then ctrl+alt+key required.

Access Keys

The access keys are:

Skips all the navigation links and goes straight to the page content.
Skips the banner links at the top of the page and goes to the side links giving the pages in this section.
Skips the links in the side menu and goes to the content of this page. Thus T followed by U is the same as S.
Takes you to this page giving Access Key details
Takes you to the site's home page
Takes you to the Contact us page for the section
Takes you to the About us page for the section
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Takes you to the home page of one of the sections:
  • A: ACL
  • B: ACD
  • C: C&A
  • D: INF
  • E: CCD
  • F: CISD
  • G: Photographs
M, N, O etc
Takes you to the subsections of the section as linked in the Banner at the top
b to y
Takes you to the individual pages in the subsection as given in the side menu
The last item in the side menu that Returns you up a level on the site.


The tabindex order is: