Flexipede Legs

The Flexipede walk in the card deck is defined by a set of arrays giving the absolute positions of the 11 legs for the 24 positions of the animation cycle which are read in from data cards labelled WALK DATA. Using absolute position values somewhat obscures the fact that the leg movements are in a cycle of four (the 5th segment of the flexipede has the same leg movement as the first, the 6th the same as the second and so on. Also, the 2nd leg cycle is the same as the first but displaced by 6 places, the 3rd displaced by 12 and the 4th displaced by 18. So one leg cycle provides all the information needed to create the animation of all the legs.

The path of each leg is from the top of the leg to the knee and then to the start of the foot with the same horizontal foot for each position.