Atlas Computer Laboratory, Chilton: 1961-1975

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Chilton Computing Archive: Image License Terms


Welcome to our website (the "Site").

All copyright in the photographic images (the "Images") hosted on the Site belongs either to the UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council ("STFC") or to its licensors.

STFC welcomes the re-use of the Images, but wishes to ensure that they are used properly and not unfairly exploited for commercial gain. On that basis:

Permitted uses

You may download, print and copy the Images for your personal use (for example for the purposes of research or private study).

You may also share the Images with others by distributing or displaying them provided in each case that:

No warranties

Neither STFC nor the operators of the Site give any warranty in relation to the Images or your use of them, nor that these License Terms will give you all permissions necessary for your intended use of the Images.

Created 14 April 2017; updated 16 September 2020