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Computing Photographs

We welcome re-use of this material providing suitable acknowledgement is given -- please read our image license terms.

This Gallery currently contains over 3000 photographs that relate to Computing and computer staff on the Chilton site that housed both the Atlas Computer Laboratory and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. We would be pleased to receive copies of any other relevant photographs that people have.

The photographs in this archive currently fall into three main classes:

Links to the sections are available in the header bar with the Rutherford set broken down into sections by date.

Chronology of updates:

There are also various catalogues of items in the Atlas collection. Most (but not all) were produced at Chilton or have some association with it; others were produced elsewhere so are included for completeness only.

Note that work on these is evolving as we add new items.

Our thanks to STFC for hosting this site.