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The photographs in this section are ones taken by Rutherford's Photographic Section that relate in some way to Computing. The large versions have, in most cases, come from digitising the original negatives. In some cases a positive slide or photographic print has been used. In 1982, RAL revised their photograph numbering adding the year in front. Thus a photo number r86r1037 indicates that the photo was the 1037th taken in 1986. Dates are either the date of taking the photograph or the date of processing it. If the day in the month is 00 the precise day is unknown. Similarly for the month.

If the number is of the form r86r1037a it indicates a negative that was never assigned a number by RAL. These have been included when the photograph is significantly different from the ones that have been assigned numbers.

Starting 2003, RAL moved away from film-based photography to digital. In consequence, photographs after 2003/4 are contained in the RAL digital archive.

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