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About us

The Chilton Computing website was created by Emeritus Professor Bob Hopgood, who continues to contribute his expert knowledge, guidance and memories going back to his time as an AERE Harwell and Atlas alumnus in the early 1960s. The website is maintained by Dr Victoria Marshall, originally a member of Bob Hopgood's Informatics Department, and who still works at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and is setting up the Harwell Heritage Project in spare moments. They often call upon the expertise of Emeritus Professor David Duce, himself an Atlas and Rutherford alumnus, plus specialist help from others including Dik Leatherdale (editor of Resurrection, the newsletter of the BCS Computer Conservation Society), Old AERE Harwell/United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and Save RAF Harwell site heritage Facebook groups for support and many fascinating photos.


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If you would like to re-use any of the material and/or images used in this site, please read our Image License Terms and contact us.

Website updates

Items of news about colleagues (sadly including more obituaries that we would like), other items of interest, and notes about significant updates to the website are available on the Website updates page.

aTLaS and CHiLTON logos

The aTLaS dots logo was designed (or at least personally approved-of) by Jack Howlett so we have retained it here for the ACL section in his honour. A variation of this -- the CHiLTON logo -- is used elsewhere.

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