Computing at Chilton: 1961-2000

Aerial View of the Laboratory


Welcome to a Web Site about computing at Chilton. This currently contains sections on:

The photographs are mainly from the Rutherford Photographic Archive.

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1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2005 Harwell AEA BTM55, Dekatron Cadet, Mercury Harwell AEA 360/65, 370/165, 370/168 Harwell AEA Cray Rutherford (RL) C&A Division (CA) Orion, 360/75, 360/195, 3032, 1906A Rutherford (RAL) Central Computing Division (CCD) Cray X-MP, Y-MP 3090 Atlas (ACL) Atlas, 1906A RL (ACD) Prime GEC RAL (CD) 3081 Atlas10 PERQs SUNs Rutherford (RAL) Informatics (INF) Pyramid, DAP Stella, Transputers RAL CISD then DCI then BITD Cray J90 Clusters Farms Computing at Chilton (1950-2005)

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