ACD Atlas Computing Division PERQ History: Part I

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ACDSingle User SystemsPERQ HistoryPart I

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Formally, the Council-wide common base programme finished on 1 April 1985 when the programme was returned to the Engineering Board from the Central Computing Committee. Its starting point in terms of a Single User System initiative has its origins in the Rosenbrock Report (1975) and the Distributed Computing Systems programme but the main thrust for a Single User System programme dates from May 1979.

The main phases of the activities are:

  1. May 1979 - Sept 1981: activities leading to the signing of an agreement between ICL and SERC.
  2. Sept 1981 - Sept 1983: joint software developments between SERC and ICL leading to UNIX and other Common Base software becoming available on PERQ.
  3. Sept 1983 - April 1985: establishment of a community of users running Common Base hardware/software.

Much of the early history and developments/marketing information in the second phase was still Commercially Confidential when this information was gathered together in 1985.

Figure 1.1 gives an overview of the information covered in Parts I to III. Figure 1.2 gives the Chapter structure for Part I. These Chapters are in chronological order and give a general background to the Common Base Policy.

PART I May - Dec 1979 History of single user system activities prior to PERQ Purchase of first PERQ Three Rivers Computer Corporation ICL involvement PART II 1980 Early production problems of PERQ ICL negotiations with Three Rivers Initial discussions with Committees PART III Jan - Sept 1981 PERQ arrives ICL/Three Rivers discussions before Wilmot ICL/Three Rivers negotiations with new ICL management Common Base approved by SERC Council SERC/ICL Memorandum of Understanding

Chapters: PART I Introduction 1 May Background 2 Early Days 3 Early negotiations between ICL and Three Rivers 4 Three Rivers 5 December 1979