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PERQ Locations and Projects

J M Loveluck

1 September 1982


Attached is a list of the locations of SERC PERQs, outside RAL Computing Division, showing the projects to which they are allocated. The list is probably not complete nor accurate, but may be updated when further information becomes available.

Investigator(s) Locations Project
Edwards et al UMIST Computer Aided Design for the Commercial Programmer
Burstall Edinburgh Specification, Implementation and Categorical Programming
Cottam & Jones Manchester An Environment for Rigorous Software Development
Hoare Oxford Equipment for Software Engineering
Fitch Bath Exploitation of Computer Algebra
Wallis Bath Development of the Interactive Bath Program Improvement Scheme (IBIS)
Doherty & Ryan Belfast Finite Element Anayls1s of nmos Devices; Process Modelling; Evaluation of GAELIC
Freeman Spence Imperial Interactive Electromagnetic Field Analysis by Algebraic Methods and Multi-Layer Theory
Compeda Ltd Stevenage Implementation of GAELIC and DRAGON
Musgrave Brunel To Re-write HILO-2 in 'C' for Implementation on a PERQ under UNIX
Abramsky QMC An Applicative Programming Methodology for Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Blundell et al Birkbeck Computing and Interactive Colour Calligraphies in Structural Molecular Biology
Cain & Morling Central London Polytechnic Study of Flexible Signal Processing Structures. Suitable for VLSI Implementation
Darlington Imperial, London Development of General Purpose Applicative Language Machine and Programming Environment
Gay et al Aston Birmingham Application of Computer Graphics to Computer Aids for Chemical Engineers
Kowalski Imperial, London Logic Databases
Mavor Edinburgh Integrated Circuit Design Station Employing a PERQ Graphics Computer
Murrell Sussex Addition of a PERQ Computer to the Sussex Workstation
Sitch Sheffield Semiconductor Device Modelling with a Minicomputer
Coulouris QMC London Distributed Operating System
H Brown Kent TEX Phototypesetting
Sleep East Anglia Zero Assignment Language Machine Simulation
Lauer Newcastle COSY Concurrent Programming Tools
Gurd & Watson Manchester Dataflow Computer
Norman Heriot-Watt Evaluation of Adaptive Dialogue for Man-machien Interface
Wilkes & Owen Daresbury GPIB/Camac Interface
Rae & Howe Edinburgh Portable POP-2 Compiler
Nichols Southampton Chip Design and Testing (3 projects)
Robertson Swindon EDPU Databases
Welsh/Edwards UMIST Pascal Plus Compiler
Vandoni/Willers CERN Evaluation; Character fonts; interactive graphics; Camb Ring/ Universe
Bull & Huckle Hatfield MMI: evaluation of I/O devices; touch sensitive screen overlay and soft keys
Popplestone/Ambler Edinburgh Development of Assembly Languages
Trowbridge RAL(Tech) Interactive Engineering Design
Hart RAL(R1 Scanning Lab) High Energy Physics Applications
Colyer RAL(R65 Inst) Finite element calcns(data prepn. and interpretation of results); Engineering Problems
Edmonds Leicester Poly Human Computer Interface Research Unit
Denham Kingston Poly Interactive Design System for Control Engineering
? Strathclyde Unix test material for validation of PERQ Unix
Mills Manchester Chemical Data Bases
Watson Manchester Printed Circuit Board Layout & Design