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Newsletters: Overview

The Engineering Board activities at RAL published regular newsletters throughout the life of the programme. The two major ones were:


ECN's 60 issues covered the life of Informatics Department and finally ceased to publish when funds were withdrawn by the Engineering Board of EPSRC as the run down of central support for engineering was completed. We have managed to find copies of all the Newsletters apart from issues 53 and 54. If anybody has those still, it would be of interest to us.

Banner for the Engineering Computing Newsletter

Banner for the Engineering Computing Newsletter
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GV and GVN

The Graphics Newsletter was produced as part of the activities of the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG). AGOCG was funded by the Resarch Councils and the Computer Board. By 1993, the importance of Visualisation resulted in a change of name to Graphics and Visualisation (GVN). GN/GVN's 63 issues probably made it the longest running newsletter issued by the various computing departments at Chilton.


To avoid repetition, some of the information at the back of each Newsletter has not been repeated in each issue when there has not been any change from the previous issue. Also, many articles gave a contact name, address and phone number, which do not have much relevance now.

Space was always at a premium in the Newsletter as the aim was to keep it to 8 or 12 pages. Where additional relevant photographs exist, we have added them at the appropriate positions.

Most Newsletters were sent out with a set of flyers which mainly gave more detail of specific events.