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Main breakdown is:

Early History
A set of papers that lead up to the decision to purchase an Atlas computer and install it at a new Atlas Computer Laboratory run by the National Institute for Research into Nuclear Science (NIRNS) on the Chilton side of the Harwell site.
Committee Papers
The Minutes of the Atlas Computer Committee that managed the Laboratory for the whole of its life. The committee initially reported to NIRNS but in 1965 transferred to be a Committee of the new Science Research Council (SRC).
Progress Reports
The Quarterly Progress Reports produced by some of the groups in the Laboratory. This section will contain details of the graphics software and developments on the 1906A in the period 1973 to 1975 initially.
A set of reports either produced by Atlas Laboratory staff or about the Atlas Laboratory. These will be added to as we get material and have time to input it.
Some internal papers for various Committees that have some interest.
News Cuttings
This is a few of the press cuttings concerning the Atlas Laboratory over its life.
As time permits, this section will contain important documents (probably not just Manuals) that are sufficiently large that they need splitting into sections. At the moment, the major items are the Atlas Basic Language Manual which defined the instruction set, architecture and how to submit jobs and the Flowers Report which was instrumental in extending the computer power available in the academic sector.
Some of the books published by Laboratory staff in this period.
ACL Publications
Over the years, the Atlas Computer Laboratory produced a number of publications for giving away to visitors or potential customers.
Some of the internal papers produced during the definition of the FR80 Service at Atlas
Early Atlas Papers
A set of Early Atlas Publications provided by Brian Chapman
Other publications which include some items about Atlas, or of more tangential interest.