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ACL Publications

The Atlas Computer Laboratory was not a major publisher apart from the Manuals for Atlas, the 1906A and other computers. The set of publications here fall into two main categories. The first are brochures used to advertise the Laboratory's services. These were given away to new users and people interested in the Laboratory.

Jack Howlett was always interested in exploring the bounds of what computers could do. In 1966 he published a collection of papers showing the work being done on the Chilton Atlas. This was followed by two similar publications in 1968 and 1972. The three demonstrate the breadth of work that was done on Atlas and also shows the state of play in the use of computers in that area. The papers were aimed at a general audience and, in consequence, are still readable 50 years later.

Most of the other publications produced by the Laboratory, such as Proceedings of Conferences, were published through the scientific publishers.