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This section currently contains the Minutes of all the Meetings of the Atlas Computer Committee that defined the policy for the Laboratory during its life. They give a good timeline for events at the Laboratory.

The Committee initially was a Committee of NIRNS which became a Committee of the Science Research Council (SRC) when the Research Council was formed. This Committee was reconstituted when it was decided that the general university workload should be replaced by a specialist service for SRC Grant Holders.

The decision to close the Atlas Laboratory in 1975 moving some parts to Daresbury and amalgamating the rest with the Rutherford Laboratory was not universally liked either by the staff of the Laboratory or its users. The Postscript section contains a transcript of the SRC's Chairman's talk giving the motivation for the closure, some of the reactions and a transcript of the initial meeting between the Rutherford Director, Godfrey Stafford and Atlas Laboratory staff after the merger.