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The Data Engineering Group (DE) was formed in 1991, following a reorganisation. Its main concern was the solution of problems associated with data-intensive applications using existing industry standard and advanced database systems. The Group was involved in a number of ESPRIT Projects jointly with the Knowledge Engineering Group in several cases:

From Fuzzy to Formal was an ESPRIT III project to develop a coherent methodology and requirements engineering workbench including a broad range of acquisition and validation techniques.
Requirements Engineering is used to investigate the problems and requirements of the user and develop a requirements specification.
Multimedia Information Presentation System was an ESPRIT III project with a demonstrator concerning tourism in Spain. Users could browse a hypermedia document to choose a holiday destination accessing databases of local information, videos, reviews etc. The group's main involvement was choosing the appropriate data to answer queries and translate the information into a relevant format.
A feasibility study into the automatic capture of Journal Contents pages and the transfer into library databases.