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Once Starlink was up and working, management of Starlink moved from the Computing Division to the ASR Division at RAL. The original plan was to run Starlink as an adjunct of the ICF but pressure from the ASR community to have the management closer to the community made the transfer desirable.

The VAX 11/780 at RAL moved from the Atlas Centre to R68. Subsequently, additional VAX11/750 systems were added and later still some MicroVaxs. The last VAX11/780 at RGO was turned off in early 1990 just before the move from Herstmonceux to Cambridge. The next phase in 1992 saw a move from VAXs to Unix-based systems from DEC and Sun. Much later still there was a move to PCs running Linux. Finally Starlink closed in 2005 after a 25-year life.

The final Starlink brochure was issued in August 2004.