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Algorithm GOMOKU Pontoon
Alpha Beta cutoff heuristic Grundy's game Pruning
Alpha Beta principle Guess it Recursion
Baccarat Hare and hounds Rote learning
Backup Hash table Simulation program
Bidding Heuristic Snakes and ladders
Blackjack Holography SNAP machine
Bluffing Huffing Squeeze
Board games Imperfect information Stack
Brag Intelligence Static evaluation
Branch Joker Subgoal
Bridget Kalah Symbioorganism
Busy beaver Ladder attack Table drive
Card games Leaf TacTix
Checkerboard Learning TicTacToe
Checkers Look ahead Tree
Chemin-der-fer Magic hexagon Turing dead position
Chess Magic square Turing machine
Chess programs: Bell Maharajah Value of game, outcome
Chess programs: Bernstein M and N procedure Value of hand
Chess programs: Greenblatt Memory compression Vingt et un
Chess programs: Hubermann MENACE
Chess programs: Newell, Simon, Shaw Minimax
Chess programs: Prinz Mobility ratio, chess
Chess programs: Scott Monte Carlo
Chess programs: Slate, Atkin Mutation
Computed entry NIM
Crossing Node
Draughts Non-equivalence
Dynamic evaluation Notation
Fan Noughts and Crosses
Fox and geese Parameter
Full information Perfect information
General problem solver Ply
GO Poker