Informatics Informatics Department Central Computing Committee Review Working Party Report, May 1984

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Central Computing Committee Review

May 1984

The decision to have a Central Computing Committee responsible for all SERC's computing with the individual Boards paying their share proved unsuccessful as soon as there was a shortage of funding.

Boards started to remove funding which meant that computing within SERC would not be viable in the future. The Computer Board had installed powerful facilities at the Regional Centres but these did not give preferential treatment for research. The Interactive Computing Facility was beginning to show its age. The Single User System programme still had only the PERQ as an approved workstation, and many users had old PERQ1s with insufficient memory to run the latest version of the Operating System. The supercomputer users of the Daresbury Cray-1 were disatisfied with the use that could be made of the machine once it had been moved to the University of London Computer Centre.

In this climate, the Central Computing Committee set up a Working Party to review the state of SERC's computing and to come up with a way forward.