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Tomorrow's World


Tomorrows World

Tomorrow's World

John Hallas, the award winning British animator for his film Animal Farm, and Stan Hayward (Henry's Cat) worked with the Laboratory on a number of projects. Through them the laboratory was involved in making a Tomorrows World programme about the potential of computer animation.

Julian Gallop was responsible for the sequence involving the cat and the dog on a motorcycle.

Bob Hopgood animated the man walking using the GROATS animation facilities.

At the end of the film, the galaxy evolution sequence is from Roger Hockney (Reading University) and the oscillating charges were by Judah Schwartz.

Graham England, Stan Hayward and Bob Hopgood are watching the output coming off the SC4020 printer.

Stan Hayward and John Hallas were interested in using computers to help the management of film production within an Animation Studio. The paper The Computerised Studio gives an overview of their ideas.