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Early Experiments

The earliest films produced on the SC4020 were trials to see what was possible. Paul Nelson completed a 10-minute film describing the SCFOR software which started with a zoom from outer space that eventually arrived at the front of the Atlas Building. Bob Hopgood produced a film describing the features of GROATS. He also did some early short animations involving Snoopy on his kennel!

Change and Chance: Second Law of Thermodynamics

Quite early on, Paul Black and Jon Ogborn worked with Bob Hopgood to produce a set of films sold by Penguin Books called Change and Chance that described the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Hash Films

Bob Hopgood produced a set of six films describing Hash Tables. The major innovation was that one film had a computer generated sound track to enhance the effect. This used a VC3 synthesiser attached to the PDP15.

Linear Hash

The main films to be discussed are: