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Chilton Atlas

Doug House talks to David Howarth

Doug House talks to David Howarth
Large View

This is a good view of the upper operations area of the Atlas machine room at Chilton. At the back on the left are the two IBM tape decks. Along the right hand side are the Ampex 1in Tape Decks. Near the two IBM decks are the slow speed tape peripherals.

Doug House and David Howarth are standing by the Anelex lineprinters. To the right is one of the operators, Dennis Bennett and another operator mounting a tape.

In the foreground to the left are the card readers. To the left of the operator in the foreground are the two paper tape readers and in front of them are the fast paper tape winders which trained operators could use at an impressive speed.

Just to the left of the operator in the foreground is a TV screen which shows the Atlas Console which is situated in the engineers area one floor below.

Situated on the ceiling is a TV camera that could be moved around by the engineers below to see what activities were taking place, particularly on the tape decks.

The following diagram shows the machine room in context.

Dark Room Void Ancillary Equipment Room A1 Data Preparation Lift 16 Ampex Tape Decks 2 IBM Tape Decks 2 Paper Tape Input Lineprinter Lineprinter Card Punch Flexowriters & Paper Tape Output Card Readers

In Operation

In Operation
Large View

In this view, Ray Rolfe is operating the card reader; Judy Herring is at the lineprinter; paper tape is being read; and tapes are being mounted in the background. Two engineers are earnestly looking at the Atlas log!